Digital Signage for Healthcare

Enhance wellness initiatives, and create a safer and more productive work environment using our Cloud AdWord Product.

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Providing the best care and experience possible by improving the experience for patients, visitor and staff. Create an engaging experience for patients, enhance wellness initiatives, and create a safer and more productive work environment using our Cloud AdWord Product.

Do You Have a Waiting Area? Keep your customer engaged and entertained while they wait using best in Class Cloud AdWord Media Content Delivery Application.

Cloud AdWord – Leaders in outdoor Digital Signage in Australia which is managed through a Media Content Delivery Application in order to improve patient experience, enhances your communication and marketing efforts, and benefit patients, staff, and your practice.

  • Speeds Up Patient Intakes and decreases wait time (Queue Management)
  • Notify about Important Health-Related Information
  • Cloud AdWord Way Finder help Patients find their way faster
  • Promote Service & Products
  • Highlights awareness initiatives
  • Decrease Cost of Marketing Material
  • Create an Engaging Experience
Key Use Cases
Queue Management

Remotely manage the waiting time by displaying information on the screen and letting the patients know when their turn comes up!

Display essential information

Let the patients know the essential information through interactive videos that keep them engaged while in the waiting area. Display the information remotely through drag and drop or make a playlist in minutes.

Promote and Advertise

You can promote and advertise while keeping it engaging by displaying crucial healthcare tips and first aid videos on the screen instantly with the drag and drop feature.

Awareness initiatives

Make your customers aware of any specific information by systematically displaying them on the screen instantly.

Way finder

Help better guide your patients to find their way faster without any hassle by displaying a way-finder on the digital screen.

Health care tips

Display information that is beneficial for your customers in terms of taking care of their health through interactive video on digital screens.

Key Benefits

  • Impress visitors with compelling photo & video content showcasing facilities and achievements.
  • Keep your patients engaged with digital content in the waiting area.
  • Drive awareness and promote health care precautions to be taken.
  • Display a first aid video to educate your patients.
  • Maintain central and secure control of all content while relying on remote updating & management.
  • Display safety measures, healthy diet plans, and much more with digital content.