Digital Signage for Hospitality

Improve guest experience easy and professionally using Cloud AdWord.

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A Section of Wider Service Industry, with a focus on leisure and customer satisfaction. Hospitality demands innovative processes for customer experience.

It is important for businesses operating within the hospitality industry to keep up with the latest hospitality trends, essentially for attracting new customers and increasing their brand’s reputation

Cloud AdWord – Manufacturers and Providers of Digital Signage Display in Australia along with Media Content Delivery Platform helps Hospitality industry boost their innovative processes for greater customer experience. Build your brand by promoting great guest experience or make Customer Communication delivered faster, easier with astonishing looks when you publish content using Cloud AdWord on your digital screens.

Key Use Cases
Showcase amenities & services

Grab people’s attention with media-rich content that upsells services. Use images and videos to immerse guests in the once-in-a-lifetime experiences your hotel offers.

Advertise special offers & events

Promote time-sensitive special offers or seasonal events to increase engagement and boost sales. Create a mesmerizing playlist with images, videos and more media files, and display it on screens in high-traffic areas.

Communicate useful information

Display restaurant & service hours, hotel events, local attractions and weather forecasts. Increase advertising revenue by showing third-party promotions for trusted partners.

Inform & protect guests

Show wayfinding information and alert guests in case of emergency. Use our CAP integration or create emergency alerts using just our platform. Your digital signage screens can also be a crucial part of your emergency strategy.

Welcome guests

Engage, inform and entertain guests at reception with attractive playlists that highlight hotel services & facilities. Make their stay memorable from the very first second with impressive, media-rich digital signage content.

Enhance social media presence

Increase brand awareness by encouraging guests to post on social media about their stay. Boost your followers and generate social proof, with just a few clicks, using our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter widgets.

Key Benefits

  • Create an amazing first impression with useful information and entertaining playlists. Guests’ first impressions are formed within the first 10 minutes of their stay.
  • Promoting special offers and events, or up-selling/cross-selling high-margin services could recoup investment money within 7-12 months.
  • Cut reception desk perceived waiting times by up to 35% with digital signage that offers valuable information and updates.
  • Remotely upload, update and display content and advertising campaigns without physically going to each screen.
  • Offer a dazzling guest experience that informs, entertains and spurs repeat bookings.
  • Showcase hotel services and amenities and trigger impulse purchases and upgrades.
  • Strengthen community-building by displaying local events and attractions.
  • Increase advertising revenue by hosting third party campaigns on behalf of trusted partners.