Digital Signage for Retail

Retail is a Customer Business, Engage Your Customer & Influence them with Cloud AdWord

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Retail industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries, from Supermarkets to Departmental Stores, Chains, Variety Stores, Franchise, Online Merchants and more…. Consumer engagement and instore communication is the key to success for any retailer. Consumer engagement and influence play an important role in making the consumer willing to make big-ticket purchases.

Cloud AdWord – a Media Content Delivery Application with leading provider of Digital Signage Software in Australia helps retailers engage and influence consumers through their astonishing content on the Digital Screens. These screens can be managed centrally, publishing, engaging and influencing content and build more sustainable business. In an industry like retail, success depends on a brand’s ability to continually re-engage interested consumers.

Key Use Cases
Showcase products

Shine a spotlight on new merchandise, bestselling products or popular sales. Use product videos, images and customer testimonials to spark consumer interest.

Promote sales & special offers

Advertise sales and promotions with impressive playlists you can create in seconds. Use images, videos, PDF files and web pages. Schedule content so the right people see it at the right time.

Attract new customers

Display sales, news, events, brand updates and upcoming preorders on signage screens in shop windows. Advertise your promotions to passers-by and get more people shopping in your store.

Create customized QR codes

Redirect your customers to your social media or to unique stories about your products, with easy-to-use QR codes. Boost loyalty program & newsletter signups or offer exclusive discounts.

Schedule content to maximize sales

Use our scheduling feature to target customers with ads, sales and promotions that interest them. Boost profits with effective advertising. And remotely update schedules in seconds.

Enhance social media engagement

Advertise & update menu board content in seconds remotely, no matter where you are, through our centralized screen management dashboard. Also, display health & nutrition information using playlists.

Key Benefits

  • 80% of brands experienced a significant increase of up to 33% in additional sales through the use of digital signage.
  • Offer a complete customer experience with in-store digital signage, that will make your store remarkable.
  • Turn window shoppers and passers-by into paying customers by using outdoor or storefront retail signage screens.
  • Store signage in retail may significantly increase traffic and customer interest.
  • Promoting special offers or up-selling/cross-selling high-margin items could recoup investment money within 7-12 months.
  • Retail signage displays could be an additional revenue stream, when you advertise third-party promotions within your store.
  • Store digital displays with media-rich content capture 400% more views than static displays.
  • Remotely manage, update and display local shop advertising and marketing activities.